Image by Dudu Geva

Image by Dudu Geva

The Arabic language courses are part of our Public Program in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, aiming to raise awareness of 'the other' and encourage direct communication between people. Language is the gateway to culture; it contains information about perceptions of the world and important symbols and values. Becoming familiar with a language - its words, sounds, and aesthetics - is a way to realize the humanity in another culture. Windows currently offers Arabic courses taught in Hebrew at both beginner and advanced levels. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer Arabic courses for English speakers.


Come and learn Arabic in the special atmosphere of Windows - a multilingual and multicultural environment that inspires. In the middle of July, an intensive, regular course for spoken Arabic will be opened for beginners: twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 25.7. to 19.9.2017 between 18:30 and 20:30, at 1600 NIS for 16 meetings.

Courses for advanced levels will open in October after the holidays.

Thanks to the donation that we receive from the "Two Flags - One Future" fund, we will be able to grant scholarships to activists.

The purpose of Arabic spoken courses for beginners is to familiarize them with the spoken Arabic language in a way that will provide them a solid basis for continuing studies and an initial ability to communicate in common everyday situations.

For additional details regarding the scholarships and registration:
Phone: 03-6208324 // Email:

Those who leave after the start of the course will not receive a refund but a credit that allows participation in the next course on the basis of availability.



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